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Okaya launches an all-new range of "Amar Kisan Tractor Batteries" with the objective of providing reliable and all-weather batteries for tractors. Powered by Okaya’s expertise in lead-acid batteries and backed-up by strong after-sales and service support, we intend to cater to this huge opportunity that lies ahead of us.
AMAR KISAN tractor batteries are ultra-low-maintenance and have been designed keeping in mind the tough operating conditions of the Indian subcontinent, they come loaded with features such as spillage proof, vibration proof, and high reserve capacity.

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Tractor battery
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Buy Tractor Battery Online
Tractor battery Online
Buy Tractor Battery Online
Tractor battery Online

Technical Specifications


S. No. Nomenclature Capacity (Ah) Warranty (Months) Container type Application Polarity Dimension (mm)
1 OPAK08036R 80 18+18* D31 Tractor image 306x173x225
2 OPAK09036L 90 18+18* E41 Tractor Tractor battery 409x173x233
3 OPAK10036L 100 18+18* E41 Tractor Tractor battery 409x173x223
No. Feature Benefit
1 High Cranking Power Superior start
2 Ultra Low Maintenance
3 Highest reserve capacity
4 Side-venting design Completely leak-proof
5 Flame arresters at venting to ensure high-level safety.
6 Designed For Long Life
7 Fitted with sliding handle Easy to pick & carry
8 Dual plate separation Protection against vibrations
9 Factory Charged Ready to use
Tractor battery Online

Okaya OPAK08036R

Tractor battery Online

Okaya OPAK09036L

Tractor battery Online

Okaya OPAK10036L

Sr No. Model AH Warranty MRP
1 Okaya OPAK08036R 80 18+18*M 6700
2 Okaya OPAK09036L 90 18+18*M 7250
3 Okaya OPAK10036L 100 18+18*M 7900
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