SMF Battery

Okaya batteries have always stood the test of time, year after year, for their all-round engineering excellence. Not only are they long lasting and durable, but also a product that exudes reliability and sustainability. Among the manufactured range, SMF battery holds on its own for the same qualities the brand is synonymous with.

Each SMF battery is made keeping in mind highest industry standards and technical specifications. High performance is an absolute certainty of such a product to meet the requirements of growing tribe of pan-India customers. Every piece is manufactured by leveraging the superior Japanese technology so that the quality is always a foregone conclusion.

Given the strict adherence of Okaya to technological excellence, your chosen SMF battery is always expected to meet the very purpose of buying. Only the imported and advanced machines are used in the plants to churn our superior range of batteries for UPS, whether for home usages or for industrial purposes.

In Okaya, you trust a company that has a user base of millions, coupled with rapidly rising network of dealers, distributors, branch offices and plants. Buyers of SMF battery can expect an impeccable customer care center service to rectify any error or remove any pre or post-sale doubts!

Product Range Available:
OB 7.2-12, OB 9-12, OB 18-12, *OB 26-12, OB 28-12, *OB 42-12, OB 45-12, OB 65-12, OB 70-12, OB 75-12, OB 100-12, OB 150-12, OB 200-12.

NOTE: * MTO (Made To Order) Models

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