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Okaya is the flagship brand of Okaya Power Group, which has attained expansion in a very short tenure with diversified product and service categories.

The company has:

  • 9 Manufacturing Plants spread over 16, 93,990 sq. ft. area
  • 2 Central Warehouses covering 700,000 sq. ft. of the area
  • 31 Regional Warehouses and Branch offices laid in, over an area of 1,57,435 sq. ft

The company constantly redefines quality with an excellent research & development team of 17 researchers and scholars, who conduct 117 different tests to double product life in every condition. With the latest testing equipment, the center evaluates battery performance, design, and longevity.

Apart from this, there are facilities for application engineering, vehicle system study, simulations, and computer-aided design. Okaya's quality commitment assures that it adheres to international quality standards. Each manufacturing plant is equipped with the most advanced machines that are imported from various countries around the world, the list of the machinery includes:

  • TBS
  • MAC
  • HADI
  • FEI

OKAYA is the leading brand in battery manufacturing that produces high-quality Inverter battery, Solar battery, E-Rickshaw battery, and SMF (VRLA) battery, marketed under the brand names Okaya, Digipower, and Mtekpower. Okaya is the sole manufacturer of automotive, lithium, and tubular batteries that are ideal for inverters and solar applications. All the batteries are manufactured in eco-friendly, ISO-certified, automated plants to ensure their responsibility towards the environment.

Some facts about Okaya Batteries are:

  • Okaya batteries come in a polypropylene container
  • Are tamper-proof and leakproof
  • Are heat-sealed with intelligent airtight construction
  • With high-efficiency grid design, latest glass mat, and PE envelope separator technology from the world’s no.1, DARAMIC, U.S.A; Okaya batteries are packed with more power to gives longer life
  • Okaya uses 99.994% pure lead, imported from Australia to manufacture world-class batteries which undergo rigorous quality checks and are tested for extreme conditions to conform to strict international standards and process controls.


The first manufacturing unit of Okaya was set up in Nalagarh, Himachal Pradesh, in 1988. Later, Okaya inaugurated its second manufacturing location at Baddi in HImanchal Pradesh. Today, Okaya is committed to cater to the large original equipment manufacturing sector in the North adding immense value through freshly charged 'just-in-time' supplies.

Plant Locations


AG Peripherals - Himachal Pradesh, India


Arush Industries - Himachal Pradesh, India


Fujikawa - Himachal Pradesh, India


Fujikawa- Himachal Pradesh, India


Kenzo II - Himachal Pradesh, India


Kenzo International - Himachal Pradesh, India


Nasaka Energy - Himachal Pradesh, India


Sunnox International - Himachal Pradesh, India


SG International - Himachal Pradesh, India


Geon International - Himachal Pradesh, India

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