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Okaya Royale Lithium Battery
for Home Inverter and UPS

Get freedom from long and frequent power Cuts with Okaya Royal—India’s First Lithium Battery compatible with all the
major make and models of Lead Acid or Lithium battery compatible Inverters.

The revolutionary ‘Okaya Royale’ Lithium Battery is developed in-house by Okaya and it’s offered in two variants: Okaya Royale (12.8v 1kWh for Inverter up to 1000VA) and Okaya Royale XL (25.6v 2kWh for Inverter up to 2000VA). The product-line is supported by Missed call/Whatsapp contact Service Facility as well as free Limited Period Site Installation Service.


Okaya Royale

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Okaya Royale XL

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Why Choose Okaya Lithium Battery


Compact size & less weight

Compared with Conventional battery Okaya lithium battery Takes 70-80% less Space to store and is Lighter by more than 70%.


Fast charging

3 times faster battery charging in the new Okaya Lithium Battery (2 times faster batterycharging on existing conventional inverter)


Higher Back up

Okaya Lithium battery provides consistent back up till the end of battery lifespan over conventional leadacid battery


Longer life

Okaya Lithium battery lasts up to almost 10* years (in standard conditions)


Maintenance free

No top-up required for Okaya Lithium Battery

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