Environment Friendly Solar Batteries

With global warming on a constant rise, climate change has proven to be a reality we all are facing in our lives. This has led us towards taking steps that are friendly for the environment. In a country like India blessed with ample sunlight, an eco-friendly approach would be the use of solar energy. Thanks[…]


Five Tips to Increase Life of Your Inverter Battery

Summer is approaching fast. In every summer, scorching heat makes our life miserable. Making the matter worse, the frequency of power cuts increases in summer. Without any doubt, your inverter is your only savior in hot months of summer. Therefore, you should make sure that everything is fine with your inverter. Else, you will not[…]


Service & Recharge Your Car Battery: Essential Tips to Follow

The majority of car batteries now-a-days are of the lead-acid variation. Thus, it is wise to know of a few fundamental servicing tips for your acid battery. If you want to increase the lifespan and the overall performance of the battery, the best thing to do is take extra care during initial filling and charging[…]


Why Choose OB 28-12 SMF Battery

Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) battery is manufactured in an eco-friendly, modern plant and day by day becoming popular for its huge benefits and easy applications. From industrial plants to solar, telecom to power sectors – everywhere SMF technology is now being used. The lead-calcium present in SMF Battery defines its long lasting nature and higher[…]


Inverter Battery – Know How to Choose the Right One

In India, power cuts are really frequent these days. Thus, it is necessary to have an inverter together with the high-quality battery in every home and workplace. Choosing the right type of battery is really important because it gives the inverter a strong backbone. So if you attach a low-quality battery to your branded inverter[…]


DIY Guide for Checking the Backup Time of Inverter Battery

With summer hitting this season, the scheduled and unscheduled power cuts are borne to happen soon. Thanks to inverter that gives everyone a sense of relief. When you are using an inverter, it is natural to have in mind the curiosity about the backup time of battery and how long the inverter can support during[…]

Shopping online

Why You Should Buy Inverter Battery Online

So the battery of your inverter needs to be replaced and you are a bit skeptical about buying it online. If it is the case, you are at the right place. This blog post talks about why you should buy inverter battery online. Battery is the powerhouse of your inverter. So it is imperative that[…]

car battery

Importance of Having Powerful & Stable Car Battery

If you are driving a car for long time, hope you cannot deny the fact that without a car battery the car engine cannot get started. The stability and power in car battery denotes the smoothness of driving. Therefore, the selection of car batteries must be made  wisely. There are some really important considerations that[…]

inverter battery

DIY Guide for Installing an Inverter System at Home

Can you deny the fact that an inverter is the savior during power outages, meeting the power backup needs of electrical appliances? Hope, you cannot. So, if you are thinking about buying an inverter then you must know the two most important things – you should buy good inverter battery to give the inverter strong[…]


Switch Your Choice from Lead Acid Battery to SMF Battery

Are you still living in the primitive age where lead acid battery is used for inverter? Are you aware of the fact that lead acid battery releases lead fumes that pollute the surrounding air to a great extent? If you are not completely aware of this fact then you must know that lead acid battery[…]


Flooded Rechargeable Battery vs. Sealed Maintenance Free Battery

This is an undeniable fact that rechargeable batteries were one step forward to the entire invention of battery. The two incarnations therein – sealed rechargeable or sealed maintenance free and flooded batteries – both have excellent advantages in their applications, ranging from the cars to power supply grids. To create a rechargeable battery, several chemicals[…]