OKAYA ROYALE 12.8v 1kWh for Inverter up to 1000VA


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Get freedom from long and frequent power Cuts with Okaya Royal—India’s First Lithium Battery compatible with all the major make and models of Lead Acid or Lithium battery compatible Inverters.

The revolutionary ‘Okaya Royale’ Lithium Battery is developed in-house by Okaya and it’s offered in two variants: Okaya Royale (12.8v 1kWh for Inverter up to 1000VA) and Okaya Royale XL (25.6v 2kWh for Inverter up to 2000VA).

  • Compact Size & Less Weight
  • Fast Charging
  • Higher Back Up
  • Longer Life
  • Maintenance Free

  • Compatible with major make and models of Lead Acid or Lithium Compatible Inverter
  • 3X times Fast charger
  • Longer Back up
  • 8-10 years Long life span and Maintenance free Smart battery
  • Small footprint and very light Weight Inverter Battery (10-12kgs only*)
  • Inbuilt Display Screen and Battery capacity LED Indicator
  • Smart Battery Display screen showing battery %, Voltage , Charge and Discharge
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