Power Up Your Emission-Free Drive With Okaya EV Chargers And Swapping Stations

Published On | 2021-04-24 05:24:53

Electric vehicles, popularly referred to as plug-in electric vehicles, are experiencing a rapid demand by the customers. The reason for such a tremendous spike is that people are switching to clean, smarter, reliable, and emission-free mobility.

Switching to EVs shall reduce emissions that contribute to climate change, which will significantly add to improving public health and decrease ecological damage. To support this environmental conservation act, Okaya offers EV chargers, swapping stations, and EV charging stations. The objective is to empower the use of electric vehicles without worrying about their charging. Okaya EV Chargers are compatible with all internationally accepted standards, and the company's research and development division works round-the-clock to develop a best-in-class product line.

EV chargers from Okaya can charge all electric vehicles with CHAdeMO, CSS, and GB/T charging standard compliance with a maximum DC output voltage of up to 920 V. With Okaya EV chargers, you get fast, secured, and proven charging service. The battery charging status is displayed on the charger, and the charging cycle finishes by itself or it can also be terminated by a user command.

Moreover, apart from personal chargers, Okaya has installed EV charging stations as well so that you can go on long drives without worrying about charging stations. Different output options are available, like the basic single DC output, dual DC output, or even triple DC outputs, in a single cabinet or bundled with a wired charging interface kiosk.

Additionally, while battery charging facilities are still at a developmental stage, and most of them take a lot of time to recharge, Okaya has come up with the facility of Swapping Stations to reduce the waiting hours and provide charged batteries instantly. All one needs to do is:

  • Submit the discharged battery
  • Pick a charged battery
  • Make the payment, and you are all set to go

These swapping stations have batteries for 2-wheeler and 3-wheeler and cargo vehicles. With the swapping stations, drivers can ride smoothly without worrying about the charging hassles.

With such great and reliable facilities, one can easily switch to EVs and take a strong step towards strengthening pollution-free green modes of transportation.

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