Lithium Battery- Low Maintenance High Performance

Published On | 2021-05-13 01:17:06
Lithium Batteries have gained popularity over the years as high-quality rechargeable batteries with great density that are easy to maintain and charge quickly. Okaya Lithium batteries are designed keeping in mind Indian users and their requirements—long life, performance, and rapid charging capabilities. How does a Lithium battery work? In such batteries, lithium is used as an anode. During a discharge cycle, the anode is ionized and separated from its electrons. The lithium moves from the anode and passes through the electrolyte until they reach the cathode, where they recombine with their electrons and electrically neutralize. It is small enough to be able to move through a micro-permeable separator between the anode and cathode. The key advantages of the Okaya Lithium batteries are: Extended Battery Life Higher Energy density Improved Safety Compact size High-charging/discharging rates while in use Zero Maintenance Low self-discharge rate Integrated with high precision Protection Circuit Board (PCB) used for Battery Management System (BMS) Smart BMS Short circuit protection Thermally stable Suitable for a wide range of high-end applications 100% efficient for charge/discharge Plug and play battery Mechanically & electrically robust battery pack, for india's robust conditions Eco-friendly Known for their unbeatable safety and reliability, a lithium battery can be used in: Solar home lighting systems Renewable energy and power plant Power back-up at stock firms, banks, schools and server rooms Solar inverter system Electric Vehicles Telecom and IT projects Rechargeable lithium batteries are both efficient and strong, even in challenging conditions. When reliable performance is required, lithium batteries offer a protected and long-lasting solution.
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