Five Tips to Increase Life of Your Inverter Battery

Published On | 2018-04-24 04:42:00
Summer is approaching fast. In every summer, scorching heat makes our life miserable. Making the matter worse, the frequency of power cuts increases in summer. Without any doubt, your inverter is your only saviour in hot months of summer. Therefore, you should make sure that everything is fine with your inverter. Else, you will not get a proper backup from your inverter. Needless to say that the battery of your inverter is its powerhouse. The backup you get from your inverter largely depends on the health of your battery. The better the health of your battery, the more power backup you will get. Here are five tips that will help you take care of your inverter battery: As the battery gets heated during charging and use, you should place your battery in a ventilated area. Once installed, your battery should be used on a regular basis. If there is no power cut, you should drain the battery completely at least once in a month. Make sure the surface and the sides of your battery are clean. You should keep the terminals of your battery corrosion and rust free. You should always keep the vents on your battery open and dust free. If you follow these points, your Inverter Battery will have a long life. In case the battery needs to be replaced, you should always choose a leading company to Buy Inverter Battery. Okaya Power is a leading company in India, offering a wide range of batteries for all verticals. We are one of India’s largest Inverter Battery Manufacturing Companies and always try to meet individual’s need for our quality products and sincere assistance.
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