Environment Friendly Solar Batteries

Published On | 2018-04-24 04:45:40
With global warming on a constant rise, climate change has proven to be a reality we all are facing in our lives. This has led us towards taking steps that are friendly for the environment. In a country like India blessed with ample sunlight, an eco-friendly approach would be the use of solar energy. Thanks to new technology, we can tap the sun’s power for everyday use through the application of solar batteries. During the daytime, a battery feeds into the sun’s energy, storing it for further use, so that it can be utilized during power-cuts – a common nuisance in India, especially during the summer season. Solar Battery can be used for numerous activities like powering inverters, domestic lights or street lights, among others things. According to Solar Inverter Manufacturers, it has a great advantage over normally used lead acid batteries too. Lead acid batteries often tend to get affected in a negative manner due to rising or falling temperatures, whereas solar batteries can handle the changing weather conditions without letting the environmental change affect their performance. Their long battery life also makes them an eco-friendly choice, as you aren’t required to change the batteries, again and again, leading to a lower carbon footprint and a decrease in waste disposal. It can accommodate a higher frequency of charge and discharge cycles in comparison to the average lead-acid battery. Even after charging and discharging its battery for thousands of times, it performs to its optimal capacity. In order to increase its life cycle, a battery is designed using thick and strong positive plates that prevent corrosion (damage through rust) and increase a battery’s capacity for long hours. Its minimal maintenance, management, and transportation requirements only enhance a user’s experience. Sunlight is one of the biggest sources of renewable energy available to mankind, making a solar battery the best addition to every Indian home. While the upfront cost of purchasing one might seem much more expensive than regular batteries, its durability makes it extremely cost-effective in the long run. Using it will not only help you keep the budget in control, but it also gives you the satisfaction of doing your bit for the environment.
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