Don't wait, just swap it

Published On | 2021-06-08 04:15:45

Even before Elon Musk and his Teslas became the rage, a lot of citizens were discovering the merit in switching to e-vehicles. The EVs help in reducing the harmful emissions that are caused by diesel or petrol vehicles and look like they are the future of the automobile industry.

In many parts of the nation, E-rickshaws are slowly being seen as often as regular three-wheelers and the drivers swear by their convenience, profitability, and comfort. Moreover, two-wheeler and three-wheeler drivers feel proud about their contribution in saving the environment and are also raving about saving massively on fuel.

The switch to electric is also aided by specialized chargers through which a person can charge their electric vehicles, and EV charging stations that are set up at multiple places for the convenience of the drivers. So now, wherever they go, they get a charging station to re-energise their rides.

However, there are times when the driver doesn't have the time required to charge the battery as it takes some time to recharge the vehicle—the serpentine queues certainly don’t help. That’s where Okaya Swapping Stations come into play.

At these stations, drivers can get a recharged battery instantly. Concerns like long charging hours and queues are literally driven away and drivers get access charged batteries in an instant.

How do these swapping stations work?

  • The driver simply drives his vehicle to a battery swap station
  • Submits the discharged battery
  • Selects the battery that he needs
  • Pays for the opted battery
  • Get the recharged battery, and he’s ready to go

It usually takes over two hours to six hours depending upon type of vehicle & charger to recharge, and with these swapping stations waiting time is drastically reduced to minutes for interchanging the batteries from discharged to charged one.

Now, two and three-wheelers can swap batteries at these stations within minutes to get limitless range. So, why wait when one can simply swap the battery and go.

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