Beat long power cuts with Okaya Inverter Batteries

Published On | 2021-09-02 04:38:24

Summers can be stressful when you do not have the right power backup. To get an uninterrupted power supply, one not only needs a reliable inverter but also a powerful battery. Faster charging and long lasting battery is what distinguishes an excellent product from an ordinary one and is responsible for the lasting performance of the battery. Okaya Inverter Batteries, with ATT technology are manufactured in-house using cutting-edge technology and premier quality raw material, deliver unmatchable performance.

What makes Okaya Inverter Batteries India's most sought after batteries?

  • Durable: Lead with 99.98% purity ensures longer battery life
  • Reliable: Latest PE envelope separator technology prevents short-circuiting
  • Low-maintenance: A battery requires some maintenance at periodical intervals. However, Okaya Inverter Batteries require less maintenance than other ordinary batteries because of their unique design and advanced technology.
  • Long backups: HADI technology using 99.98% Pure lead and in 30% larger containers ensure longer backups. These batteries can hold a lot of distilled water that makes them less prone to drying out quickly.

It’s a proven fact that battery is the lifeline of an inverter. An inverter manages the electric charge from the battery but the battery is responsible for maintaining the backup charge. Don't get influenced for substandard local batteries, instead go for Okaya ATT technology batteries.

Bring home Okaya Inverter Batteries as they are one of the most trusted brands for backups and are very cost-effective in the long run. Power up your home with a reliable power supply partner these summers without getting involved in complex maintenance troubles with Okaya Inverter Batteries. Visit for more information on our range of batteries. Okaya –Never Stop India

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