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Okaya batteries are known for their quality, long-lasting nature and engineering fineness, and the range of Li Ion Batteries is no exception. Manufactured at ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified plants, these batteries come in different sizes to fit into the vehicles of choice.

Every piece of Automotive Battery is made in fully-equipped and automatic plant in adherence to the highest standard of the industry. Best imported machines are utilized so that the batteries deliver results that exceed the expectations of vehicle owners. After all, the better the condition of your vehicle, the more fun it would impart in driving!

These batteries have consistently been serving a growing number of automobile owners across the country. More so, they give long life on the back of being made in accordance to strict quality control parameters. Trouble free performance is guaranteed with any and every Automotive Battery from the brand Okaya, a company that delivers only quality, so that your experience with automobiles remains as smooth as desired. If you know what a quality Automotive Battery can do for your vehicle, then don’t take chances with any other battery other than Okaya.

  • Specially designed vent valves - For opening and closing at specified pressure to release extra gas, while simultaneously retaining the required electrolyte quantity in the battery.
  • Tough ABS Containers - Aesthetically designed and fabricated in tough ABS containers for increased durability.
  • Imported Absorbent Glass Mat - For higher electrolyte immobilization and retention to prevent dry out.
  • Special Lead-tin-calcium alloy - Made using special lead-tin-calcium alloy and special paste formulation to minimize gas emission and prevent water loss.
  • Gas combination technology - Made using the latest gas recombination technology with no emission of fumes.
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